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KSL's Unrivaled

Nov 30, 2018

Scott Mitchell and Alex Kirry go over some of the conference title games this weekend and make picks for the pick'em games. 

The games these two pick are.

Utah vs. Washington

Auburn vs. Georgia

Fresno State vs. Boise State

Clemson vs. Pitt

Oklahoma vs. Texas

Nov 30, 2018

Alex Kirry and Scott Mitchell discuss the weekend of college football title games but bring up an alternate idea. What about if instead of conference title games those were replaced by an eight-team playoff and it is the first round of those games.

Alex and Scott go back and forth on if this is a good idea to not have...

Nov 28, 2018

Scott Mitchell and Alex Kirry talk about what conference title game they most would want to attend. This would be only as a fan of the game and money is no object for a pair of tickets.

Here are the games they pick from

Utah vs. Washington

Georgia vs. Alabama

Northwestern vs. Ohio State

Texas vs. Oklahoma

Clemson vs....

Nov 28, 2018

Alex Kirry and Scott Mitchell play an early edition of "What are the odds?"

Zach Moss comes back next year

Utah wins the Pac 12 championship

BYU has 9 wins next season

Two SEC teams make the playoff?

Weber State wins national championship 2 seed

Utah has a targeting call in title game

Nov 28, 2018

Alex Kirry and Scott Mitchell get around to previewing a huge game between Utah and Washington for the Pac-12 title game on Friday night.

The winner goes to the Rose Bowl and the loser gets regulated to some random bowl game that does not have the same luster at all.

The two go through how these two teams matchup, who...